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My work originates from my religious beliefs. My sculptures represent consciousness and concentration, core aspects of meditative practices; forming the body in a state of balance through focusing on what is happening in the present time, which is the path to the Cessation of Suffering. Found objects, art, and non-art materials are employed to create tension and maintain balance through the assemblage and installation of my art.


In this era of unparalleled scientific and technological advancement, people are increasingly striving to understand what it means to be human. After years of neglect, the societal and individual significance of religion is once again under consideration. At this time however, this consideration does not come in the form of grand narratives or myths, rather in the truth of living and being humans at peace. Meditation, a way to achieve happiness in life, points to a natural state of happiness that can be found inside all of us and depends on nothing else. In meditation, all kinds of ideas are to be discarded as fast as they arise; even the notions of controlling and discarding are to be got rid of, and happiness can be accessed by abstaining from such conscious mental activity.


I see the process of making my work as the practice of meditation. It requires the same patience and dedication through balancing small, fragile pieces to form large-scale sculptures. The structural form in my work reflects the creation of identity; being mindful, conscious and aware, growing up, and regarding oneself. The instability of my sculptures is the truth of life: arising, sustaining and falling.


I, as the artist, am exposed to the feelings of concentration and consciousness while making the sculptures, while audiences are expected to feel the same way when they step into my space and are surrounded by my work’s inherent instability. I expect to create the tension that things are not in the condition that they are supposed to be, causing in a moment the state of considering which leads to the feeling of awareness. Therefore, it will create shared experiences between my present time and theirs.


I do not feel restricted to any particular form. I feel this way of working allows my work to evolve with me, free from restriction. I believe that every theory and artifact is formed and developed by humans, for humans. What defines us as humans is our self-awareness, spiritual curiosity, and philosophical musings, that is why this concept is important to me.


I feel that this concept will give voice to ideas in which I try to unite my culture to contemporary art. I believe that this project can reach a large and diverse audience, and will challenge people’s notions of difference and equality.

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