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A solo exhibition by Temjai Cholsiri

As part of an artist residency with 16 Nicholson Street Gallery and Arts Collective, Glasgow, UK

16 March - 14 April 2019

'OBSERVE' reflects on the state of balance as equanimity; consciousness and concentration representing neutrality of mind, regardless of body or form. I see the process of making my work as meditative practice, as it requires the same patience and dedication in maintaining concentration and finding the right alignment of whatever the form might be. I believe that art is not about complication but rather what one sees in front of them, as such, found objects are employed to create tension through assemblage and installation.


My practice has been influenced by my personal belief having been born and raised in Buddhist culture. The instability of my work reflects the truths of life: arising, sustaining, and falling. I expect to create tension stemming from objects being removed from their usual condition, causing in a moment the state of considering and in turn, awareness. Through this process, I hope to encourage shared experience between the audiences and myself.

Swing Glass
Block and Glass
Balloon an Cushion
Balloon and Block
Balloon Party
The Cloud I
Balloon Arch
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